SAP Simple Finance Online Training On HANA S4

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SAP Simple Finance Online Training- The Key To Success:

SAP simple finance module is gaining immense popularity as it is capable of providing real-time analysis across all financial domains. It provides a single view of the information available thereby maintaining the consistency.

Using SAP simple finance companies can reinvent the existing business models. This in turn helps to boost revenues and generate profit. Some of the features that make the SAP simple finance module much sought after are:
  •  There are multiple options available for deployment. It can be installed on the premise or in cloud. The efficient design and user interface is capable of providing instant insights. 
  •  It provides additional capabilities to the existing SAP finance solution portfolio as it optimises  the business procedures with the help of real-time event-driven methods. 
  •  It has inbuilt capabilities such as prediction models and simulators. 
  •  The migration to the new system can be done without any disruptions

SAP S4/ HANA – SAP Simple Finance Training Curriculum

1.       Introduction SAP HANA 

Sap simple finance online training also introduces concepts such as:

·         Overview on S4 HANA     
·         Overview on Simple Finance
·         Keeping data in memory
·         How to ensure durability
·         Columnar organization of data
·         Encoding and compression of data
·         Dictionary encoding
·         Parallel aggregation
·         How to operate compressed data
·         Simplification of core data model
·         Delta storage and merge
·         A redundancy-free system and its benefits
·         How to make decisions without loss of information
·         How to optimize operation using big data and
·         Compatible refactoring among many others

2.       Introducing SAP S4/HANA and Overview  of Simple Finance 1503 1511 and 1605

The SAP simple finance training handles the following elements as far as introduction to SAP S4/HANA is concerned:

·         Updates on SAP Release for S4 HANA Upgradation paths
·         Deployment option and Tables replaced with views in 1.0 and 2.0 add on
·         Classic Gl/ New Gl to S4 HANA

3.       Ledger, Appendix Ledger and Currency Setup in S4 HANA

The importance of having an in-depth knowledge of ledger and currency setup cannot be overemphasized. As such, SAP HANA simple finance online training is comprised of the following elements:

·         Overview on leading, Nonleading ledgers & Appendix ledger
·         Currency setup changes during migration & New Migration
·         Currency setup changes in 1503 1511 and 1605
·         General ledger accounting and cost elements in SAP HANA accounting
·         Management of ledgers in SAP accounting

4.       Customization changes for GL

This topic in our SAP simple finance training will adequately prepare you to handle customization changes for general ledger as and when a need arises. Typically, you will learn:

·         How to customize changes for general ledger and
·         How to merge general ledgers as well as the cost elements

5.       Single Source of Truth / Universal Journal

·         Posting and Analysing the ACDOCA table
·         Accelerated reporting

6.       New Asset accounting(EA-FIN)

The assets form an important part of the organization and as such, must be managed with utmost caution. As such, SAP HANA simple finance online training is aimed at helping learners have complete knowledge about the same by touching on the following areas:

·         Overview of New Asset accounting
·         Configuring New Asset accounting
·         Acquisition Posting 
·         Depreciation Posting
·         Sale and scrap of Asset
·         Legacy Data Upload

7.       Changes to Controlling- COPA (Account Based)

Learners should expect to have a complete idea of the following:

·         Overview of Account based COPA
·         Account based COPA changes
·         New Period end closing transactions

8.       Data Migration Process

After understanding how to implement the finance system on your own, SAP training on simple finance also teaches how to handle the following real time scenarios as far as data migration is concerned.

·         Preparation
·         Installation
·         Customizing
·         Data Migration
·         Post Processing

9.       Report Changes in S/4 HANA (Accelerated)

Reporting is also given a special place in SAP simple finance online training. The following aspects are considered:

·         How to address the challenges with the help of SAP simple finance
·         Challenges associated with SAP simple finance
·         Advances in reporting
·         Issues to do with accounts merging and cost components and
·         Advances for the end users

10.   Central Finance System

This topic in SAP HANA simple finance online training provides learners with an overview and detailed components of the central finance system, and how to handle them.

11.    SAP Fiori: This topic entails

·         Development of intuitive products
·         Principles of Fiori design in SAP Simple Finance
·         The application framework of Fiori
·         Types of application
·         Patterns and controls of application

12.   Overview on Cash management powered by SAP HANA

·         Features of cash operations
·         Features of Bank account management
·         Feature of liquidity management

13.   Overview on Integrated business planning for Finance

·         Overview
·         Cost center, Internal order and Profit center Planning

SAP simple finance- the game changer:

If you equip yourself with the knowledge of SAP simple finance you can add value to business. It can also increase the chance of finding employment with some of the biggest names in the IT space. As the demand for this skill is high but the supply is less, you will be able to secure a handsome salary package.
  • Organizations are increasingly on the lookout for professional who have the knowledge of SAP simple finance because:
  • SAP simple finance reduces IT complexity
  • Reduces the cost involved in the generation of manual reports and data reconciliation
  • Reduces the chances of fraud and prevents activities that are not compliant with the business practices.
  • SAP simple finance systems allow professionals provide better business suggestions based on timely insights.
  • The capital can be effectively managed by taking into consideration all the risk factors.

sap architecture

Importance of SAP simple finance:

With the help of SAP simple finance organizations can make their financial management more efficient. With the use of innovative technologies, it is now possible to provide consistent information throughout the enterprise. This helps to reduce redundancy, avoid reconciliation and minimize errors.
Organizations are keenly looking out for professionals who have good knowledge of SAP simple finance as it offers many benefits:
  • ·      It can be integrated with HANA appliance
  •     The data analyzed does not contain any redundancy
  •     The reports can be generated within a short duration
  •      Reports can be generated in real time without any data latency. The tasks such as allocation, re-grouping, re-evaluations and data processing can be performed at a faster pace
  •      It helps to simplify large processes and helps to focus on critical tasks.
  •      It is possible to evaluate the effects of a business option with the help of real-time analytics.

Benefits of SAP simple finance online training course:

As this is an online course, students can gain access to the sessions from the comfort of their homes. The classes are delivered with the help of a virtual platform. All the sessions are conducted by people who have adequate knowledge about SAP simple finance.
After students have successfully completed the course, they will acquire new skills that will help them advance in their careers. 

sap hana architecture

Some of the specific benefits you can derive out of the training are:

  •       In-depth knowledge of SAP simple finance module
  •       Gaining adequate knowledge of the two approaches of SAP simple finance namely migration and without migration 
  •       High-level understanding of integration of data warehouses server with SAP HANA
  •           Ability to understand the impact and scope of the on-premise edition of SAP simple finance
  •       Ability to configure and make use of the new functionalities added to SAP accounting that is backed by SAP HANA.
  •      Knowledge of data structures used for costing and accounts
  •      With the help of SAP simple finance training professionals will be able to provide on the fly analysis by utilizing the various drill down techniques.
  •          Ability to use the SAP Flori applications which are specifically designed for SAP simple finance.

Points to consider while choosing an online institute
  •       As SAP simple finance is a relatively new technology, it is important that the faculty members have adequate subject knowledge.
  •       Apart from theoretical knowledge, it is important that institutes include case studies and real time examples in their curriculum
  •       Institutes must have the capability of E-learning so that learning never stops.

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